The Gospel

The Gospel is the most marvelous truth in all the universe and it is hard to summarize the totality of its beauty and implications. However, in short, the Gospel is that:

God the Creator of all things is holy, perfect, totally set apart and transcendent, all powerful, sovereign, independent, loving, righteous, true, and just.

Man is sinful and fallen, unable to live up to the perfect Law of God, we cannot earn right standing with a Holy God. We know there is a God and that we should submit to Him and worship Him, however we don’t. We rightly deserve the just punishment for our sins, and are separated from Him. Apart from the grace of God, people are dead in their sins and trespasses, hostile to God, blind to their own depravity and unwilling to submit to God’s Law. However, God, knowing the plight of man – as the visible demonstration of His love – sent His Son Jesus Christ to be the substitutionary sacrifice for our sins and save us.

Jesus Christ is God incarnate. He lived a perfect life as a man, never sinning and fulfilling the Law. Then he suffered and died on the Cross of Calvary in our place taking the punishment of our sins on Him. On the Cross, the holy wrath of God against sin was poured out on Him instead of us, so that God’s own justice against sin would be upheld. As a result God extends mercy to us through His Son. The great exchange is that the punishment due to us for our sin was borne by Jesus and Christ’s righteousness was counted to us instead. God then raised Christ from the dead, showing that His work of redemption was complete and His sacrifice acceptable. Jesus now sits enthroned on high at the right hand of the Father making intercession for believers. Our hope in this story of redemption is not based on myth, but actual historically true events recorded in God’s written Word – the Bible.

Our response is through repentance (turning away) from sin and putting our complete trust (faith) in the finished work of Christ on the Cross to make us right with God. We do not gain righteousness by our own works or effort, but by faith in Jesus Christ through God’s grace. We surrender our whole lives to Jesus, forsaking sin, dying to ourselves and being made alive in Christ. There is a supernatural working of the Holy Spirit in a person through faith in the Gospel which brings about a total change as the person is “reborn,” made alive spiritually, and given a new nature & desires to serve and please God out of thankfulness and joyful submission. God puts His Spirit in a person who has received the Gospel as a seal of their salvation and restoration of relationship with Him. We are thereby incorporated into God’s body of believers, the Church, made up of those likewise adopted into God’s family as brothers and sisters through faith.

The evidence that we have truly been saved, is that the pattern of our lives is never more the same, but continually being made more and more into the likeness of Christ. We forsake trust in ourselves, others, or anything else to be our salvation and rely solely and completely on Christ. We are increasingly enraptured by His beauty and majesty, delighting in relationship with Him and other believers, growing in love, thankfulness and holiness. We grow in the knowledge of God and His will through studying His Word and the Spirit produces in us a desire to know it more and makes it come alive in our hearts. Through fellowship and community with other believers, were are matured, encouraged and loved together with those who have been redeemed by God with a passion to see others likewise saved.

In every other world religion, it is man’s effort to reach God and earn redemption through some sort of merit or good works. However, in Christianity, it is recognized that man cannot possibly ever earn enough merit to reach a Perfect God. Therefore, God has reached down to man and accomplishes redemption for Him, extending it as a free gift to all who would believe.

Here’s 2 short videos on the Gospel:


If you have never put your faith in Jesus and repented of your sins, today is the day of salvation! We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Put your trust in God’s salvation through Jesus and follow Him through reading His Word, obeying it, and getting plugged in to a local church that preaches and teaches His Word faithfully.


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